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Welcome to Eco Stoves

Welcome to Eco Stoves Ireland, where you can find the future in home heating systems.

With the current awareness in the world of how we are treating our environment, a need has developed to provide affordable, environmentally friendly and cost effective methods of heating the family home or the workplace, that will not do damage to the world our children will live in.

EcoStoves Ireland have a range of proven Pellet Fuelled Heating Systems. We have been working with prestigious names in pellet stoves such as Extraflame, Nordica and Edil Kamin

Wood Pellet Stoves and Heating Systems use the waste from saw mills, which are compressed into a Pellet to give an efficient and eco-friendly heating solution for your Home, or Business.

As well as being environmentally friendly, (because the wood residues are exploited to the maximum), the Pellets also have the technical advantage of having a higher power to weight ratio than the traditional timber fuels and because the 10 kilo bag is so compact fuel storage is not an issue for the average home even in the City !


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