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Dimplex 8kw Solid Fuel Stove

Another amazing offer from Dimplex for the 2011 Winter Season is the 8Kw solid fuel stove with a Genuine Discount of €100.00 which means it can be yours for only €599.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dimplex have been in business a long time so when they say the offer is Limited, we say, Believe Them.

Westcott 8

  • Multi-fuel appliance suitable for burning wood and most approved, manufactured smokeless fuels

  • Tested and approved to European Standard EN13240

  • Tested heat output:

    - 8.0kW (wood)

    - 8.1kW ("Ancit" fuel)

  • Airwash system to maintain clear door glass

  • Suitable for top or rear flue

  • Supplied with a choice of handles in black and in brushed steel

  • Supplied with a heat-resistant mitten

  • Model No. WST8

  • Height 554 mm, Width 564 mm, Depth 309 mm, Weight 90 kg, Efficiency 76.6 %,

  • Flue Width 150 mm, Fuel Type Multifuel (Timber, Coal, Turf), RatedHeat Output Room 8 kw


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