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Wood Pellets: low cost - high value

For years Ireland has searched for an indigenous reliable source of fuel to stem the need to mport oil and gas. Up to 95% of Ireland’s fuel is currently imported, leaving it open to severe price fluctuations outside its control, and at risk from security of supply. As fossil fuel prices continue to rise steeply, there is even more emphasis being placed on finding an alternative.

Balcas, based in Enniskillen, has the largest pellet production capacity in the British Isles, and one of the largest single plants in Europe. It places Ireland at the cutting edge of this rapidly growing sector.

The growth in European pellet production is due to the significant advances in pellet burning technology - efficiencies of over 90% are achievable. The new generation of equipment has extremely high convenience, and low maintenance.

Lowering your carbon footprint

The opportunity exists to reduce your carbon footprint with the use of a zero rated fuel such as wood pellets. This has financial benefits through CCL exemption and ETS participation. Being acknowledged as carbon neutral, Balcas brites will reduce carbon emissions to the atmosphere and help combat climate change. Your organization will attain environmental credentials with the use of wood pellets. It will be seen as a company who takes its environmental responsibility
seriously. You will in turn benefit from the associated positive PR.

Reducing your Energy Bills

Pellets currently cost around a third less than oil and the marginal cost of pellet equipment can usually be recouped in less than 2 years. Pellet systems require no more manual input that conventional systems, in fact you will not notice the difference in your core activities.

The pellet systems can be installed as a retrofit to an oil or gas boiler if it is nearing the end of its life. Alternatively if the oil or gas unit still has some years service left, the pellet system can be installed in parallel with the oil or gas system and be used as a backup.

Brites specification

The pellet is held together by the wood's natural lignin that is released during the pellitising process due to heat and compression. Therefore no binding agent is necessary.

Net Calorific Value

circa 18MJ/kg


Bulk density

circa 650kg/m


< 0.5%


< 0.05%


< 0.05%


< 0.3%


< 10%





Sub particle size

< 3mm

All material used in the production of Balcas brites is virgin softwood from FSC sources.


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