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Pellet Fuel Storage


Bulk wood pellet store

3.4te JFE bulk pellet store

€ 2,250.00 inc vat, delivered (not including the concrete base)

Basic Features

A  3.4tonne capacity bulk wood pellet storage tank, suitable for both internal (2.7m high) and external use.

Made in two halves, upper and lower, fixed together with stainless steel bolts.

Can be used manually for large stoves or have augers fitted to suit boilers.


Capacity   :   3.4 tonnes
Height   :   2700mm  (9ft)
Width   :   2050mm  (6ft 7in)
Depth   :   2050mm  (6ft 7in)


Plastic construction

Watertight and condensation free

Two camlock fittings for bulk filling and ventilation

Baffle fitted for pellet protection during filling

Integral gate hatch for manually removing pellet.

Easy installation.

Suitable for auger and vacuum connections

Integral anti-static system

Access hatch for cleaning and inspection


A hard and level surface, minimum of 2.5m x 2.5m square

A minimum of 100mm thick compacted sub base with 100mm thick 30N strength concrete on top.

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