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Most Stoves can be installed free standing or in existing fire places.

Please bear in mind that all stoves do need the chimney / flue cleaned at least once a year depending on the fuel and type of stove, they are usually burning similar types of fuel that you used in your open fire, while they do not use as much fuel it is important to remember the flue is usually smaller and the flue gas (smoke) temperatures are much lower than your open fire.

Your chimney sweep can save you a lot of money by advising on the frequency of cleaning and also note any possible condensation problems should the wood you are burning have a higher than recomended moisture content.

We recommend that All Wood Pellet Stoves we supply are fitted by our Trained Heating Engineers, we do not recommend self installation, as our installers have completed intensive training with the manufacturers in Europe to ensure you the customer to get the full benefit from your new Pellet Stove.

The unique pull out system of some wood pellet stoves allows easy access to rear of unit for annual cleaning and maintenance, one of the biggest problems our service department comes across are wood pellet stoves installed with no thought given to future cleaning and maintenance.

Wood Pellet Stoves designed with boilers included are usually sold following an energy audit of your home to assist you in getting full value from your investment, while we have no problem with customers buying direct from us and getting a local installer to fit the wood pellet stove we do recommend that you use an experienced installer.


Wood Pellet Stove / Boilers

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