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Wood Pellets are loaded into a storage tank through a door in top of the stove and are carried to the burn pot  by the built in auger / worm drive that feeds the fire as it is needed.

The software determines how much fuel is needed from the information it gets from a number of sources such as the manual settings or more often the room thermostat which allows the stove to modulate.

This means you set your ideal room temperature (often using the remote control) you can have the stove come on using the built in timer or manually by clicking one button, the stove senses the room temperature and works at full power to achieve your comfort setting, as it reaches the temperature the fans and auger slow down using less fuel as it just wants to maintain your comfort temperature.

Should the temperature drop for example the front door is left open when bringing in shopping the stove senses the temperature drop and the auger and fans speed up automatically to replace the lost heat.

Some customers set the stove to switch off when the desired temperature is reached and switch back on again should the temperature drop, this helps maintain an ambient temperature +/- 2° of the set point.

There are many different options available in one eco friendly package, all settings are easy to change which means you the customer are in charge at all times, remember a wood pellet stove is an appliance designed to do what you want not the other way around.


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