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Unfortunately our Government appear to have decided that there is no need to support installation of renewable energy products like wood pellet stoves as one of their first acts was to end the Greener Homes Scheme.


They have made the strange decision to use Grants to support heating products that use imported Fossil Fuels (Oil and Gas) without a thought to supporting the home grown industry of manufacturing wood pellet fuel, we now have three factories making wood pellet in Ireland so we no longer have to import it.


Of course they also appear to have missed the point that by using wood pellet we tilt the balance of payments in our favour by reducing imports and maintaining the jobs already created here at huge investment by the manufacturers of wood pellet fuel.


Lets pretend they could plan ahead and decided that heating with wood pellet will actually cost the country by reducing the amount of money the Government will bring in from the Carbon Tax????????


Ooops they seem to have forgotten about the money they spend on our behalf  Buying Carbon Credits and now the side effect of planned job creation in the renewables industry not going ahead, in fact our local pellet fuel manufacturers may have to lay off workers.


Of course you can help save those jobs and the extra expenses by bringing the above points along with your own to the attention of your elected represenative.


You can now avail of a new grant under The Greener Homes Scheme, which provides assistance to homeowners who intend to purchase a new renewable energy heating system for either new or existing homes. The scheme is administered by Sustainable Energy Ireland and aims to increase the use of renewable energy and sustainable energy technologies in Irish homes. Please have a look at the Sustainable Energy Ireland website for more information on this. There are useful links to assist you with your application Just click here.. or click on the image below to access their website.

If you have any queries regarding these grants, or any other topic related to environmentally friendly home heating systems, do not hesitate to contact us.



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