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Home Consultation

Contact our experts to aid in your conversion from your old heating system to an Eco Stove Heating System.

We can arrange to call to your home and do a survey to ensure that you select the correct Pellet Fuel System for your heating needs. You can choose from an air flow system, a room heating stove or a combined stove and boiler.

The reason for the survey is to ensure that the product will meet your needs. If your home exceeds the ability of a Pellet Stove / Boiler Combination to heat in comfort, we at Eco Stoves will help you to choose the most efficient system to suit your home.

When you buy from Eco Stoves you are buying more than a stove.  You are also buying our vast knowledge of the subject and our experience in Stove installation, for example did you know that the Ecologica Idro and Lucrezia Idro models can be linked to your existing heating system and provide heating to the whole of your house?

We Guarantee any visit to your home is to carry out a survey and discuss options.

We Never engage in Hard sales tactics.

How much do you charge for a consultation?

We have a system in place where if the customer buys at our showroom or on-line from this web site we do not charge for a survey as they have made a committment to buy from us.

If we are asked to travel outside our showroom to give advice we charge a fee ranging from €50.00 to €150.00 depending on the distance we have to travel and the amount of time the survey takes.

Any survey charge is discounted from the purchase price of the stove or boiler the customer buys from us which makes the survey Free for our customers.

Why Charge anything then?

We have found that a vast majority of the surveys we carried out free of charge amounted to confirming that the appliance could not be installed where the customer wanted it or to confirm that we do not have any "Quick Fix" to by-pass Building Regulations or Good Working Practice where installations are concerned.

All our surveys are to give consumers honest advice, not to sell a product that does not suit their needs or the requirements of their home.


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