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The most common mistake made installing wood pellet stoves is also the most frequently asked question and cause of pellet stoves breaking down.


Can I use a balanced flue for a Wood Pellet / Chip Stoves and Boiler?


Wood Pellet / Chip Stoves and Boilers cannot be installed with a Balanced Flue. Under current regulations and most manufacturers recommendations, Wood Pellet / Chip Stoves and Boilers are governed by the Building Regulations TGD J under additional provisions for Solid Fuel Burning Appliances.


Can I use an Un-insulated flue?

An un-insulated flue pipe should only be used to connect an appliance to a chimney and should not pass through any roof space. Also, it will need to be shielded to separate it from combustible material as per the Building Regulations.


Wood Pellet Stove / Boilers

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