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Size a Stove To Suit a Room

How do I size a stove for my room?

This is a very simple calculation you can do using the following guide to work out the size of stove you need for the area you wish to heat.

Step1 – Measure the room area you wish to heat i.e. your lounge. Measure in metres the width, length and height.

Step 2 – Calculate the measurements together (W X L X H) this will give you the room volume in cubic metres.

If the room is L shaped measure in sections then add together.

If the room has a pitched ceiling then use the height of the room as half the height of the pitch.

Step 3 - As a guide, 1kW heating output will heat approximately 20 cubic metres of space if the room is well insulated,

15 cubic metres if the room is of average insulation,

10 cubic metres if the room is poorly insulated.

So divide the area of the room (cubic metres) by the insulation figures above (25, 15 or 10 cubic metres) to get the heat out put required in KW.


Room measurements 5 metres long x 4 metres wide and ceiling is 2.4 metres high

5 x 4 x 2.4 = 48 cubic metres

Therefore a average insulated room would require an appliance with a heat out put of

48 Cubic Metres divided by 15 = 3.2 kw

For a very well insulated room 48 Cubic Metres divide by 20 = 2.4 Kw

For a very poorly insulated room example 48 cubic Metres divided by 10 = 4.8 Kw

Therefore you can see that the only item you have to make an assessment on is how well insulated the room is.

Things that affect the insulation are:

Large window areas;

Single Glazing;

Number of outside walls;

Open staircases in the room; Number of doors; Un-insulated walls etc



All stoves need air for combustion and to help move smoke & flu gases up the flue, otherwise they will not work properly and can be dangerous.

Lack of ventilation can cause :-

1.      Danger.

2.      Difficult to light, if not impossible lighting of fire.

3.      Smoke in the room.

4.      No draw on flu (which is the rate of airflow up the chimney).

5.      Therefore we recommend dedicated ventilation to be fitted for fires above 5 Kw's where air is supplied by way of draughts from other rooms.

In a new highly insulated “Air Tight” house we recommend a vent for all sizes of stoves. If you are using mechanical ventilation consult with your supplier, this is a very serious subject not to be dismissed with an answer like the stove should work.


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