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Esse 350 GreenSwitch™Esse_TraditionalEsse_Inset_Contemporary

Multi-fuel Inset Boiler Stove

The 350 GreenSwitch™ is a room heating stove with thermo static b oi ler.

It has an operating range of 14.7kW/h but gives only a modest 3.6kW/h to the room and a generous 11.1kW/h (38,006 Btu) to water.

These figures are ba sed on wood-burning and will be slightly higher when burning mineral fuel.

The 350 GreenSwitch™ is equipped with a control (the Green Switch) that adjusts the airflow to maintain the most efficient combustion whether burning wood or mineral fuel.

Its large capacity firebox makes it a versatile woodburner.

Like the rest of the 300 series it fits into a standard fireplace, however a depth of 372mm must be created to allow for its larger capacity firebox.

Features and specification

Fits standard fireplace with brick fire back removed

Suitable for continuous burning

Suitable for class 1 chimneys

Operating range up to 14.7kW/h (Logs)

Efficiency - 72% (Logs)

Fuel consumption – 2.1kg per hour (Logs)

CO emissions - 0.43 (@ 13%O2) (Logs)

The 350GS is available with a choice of 3 doors

Traditional Open

Traditional Stainless steel

Stainless Steel ESSE Stoves - Black

Esse 300 Series Silver

How a convection fire works

The firebox sits inside a second outer casing with a cavity between the two. Cool air from the room is drawn in at the base of the appliance by the natural process of convection into this cavity, where it collects heat from the sides, back and top. It then leaves the stove through a discreet outlet grille at the top of the stove in a continuous stream of hot air back into the room.

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